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Delft Student Dance Association Blue Suede Shoes


D.S.D.A. Blue Suede Shoes is a student association aimed at providing young dancers of ballroom and argentine tango styles with a social society, within which they can make friends and explore dancing to their heart’s content. Due to the variety of dancers and their respective interests D.S.D.A. Blue Suede Shoes aims at providing both for the socially invested dancers and the competitive dancers by means of group activities, high quality workshops and social events. Making the association more attractive to new students taking classes and keeping the independent advanced dancers involved with it is essential for its future. For this reason, the association strives to structure itself horizontally, with the experienced dancers actively involved with the beginners by helping at practice hours.




D.S.D.A. Blue Suede Shoes started to make its presence known during the introduction week for new students (the Owee) in 2016. Here we presented the association with just a foldable table, a few lovely friends, a lot of enthusiasm and of course with dancing. The dream of the founding members was to create a close community in which dancers could practice and have enough opportunities to develop their dancing skills. Moreover, they wanted to show how fun dancing could be by having social dance events, socialize with other dancers and organize parties where everyone could dance the night away. This dream came true, and led within a few years to a thriving community with over 100 dancers.




The Fifth Board of D.S.D.A. Blue Suede Shoes

Armin Korkic

Daily business, Communication with X, Supra-associational cooperation, Communication with externals


Colin Heimans

Financial business, Hangout events


Anne Lammertsma

Promotion, Media, Gala, Everything Tango related

Commissioner Multi-Media

Robin Cromjongh

Administration, Lustrum, OWee


Pascal de Koster

Everything Ballroom related, Competitions, Bootcamps, Technique Classes, Showteam

Commissioner Internal Affairs



Competition Committee

If you are a competition Ballroom dancer the competition committee will help you research your maximum potential. They organise information for new competition dancers, are at competitions for moral support and help keep up the Team Delft team spirit.

Ballroom Committee

The Ballroom Committee helps organise all ballroom parties at Blue Suede Shoes. From the Winter Ballroom Gala to the Friends and Family Day this enthusiastic group of members makes sure all members have a good time social dancing.

Hangout Committee

Besides dancing Blue Suede Shoes also wants members to relax, enjoy new experiences and make new friends. The Social committee helps organise all the social events for members at the association form board game night to murder mystery parties.

Tango Committee

The Tango Committee helps organise all Argentine Tango events at Blue Suede Shoes. They help organise the monthly Tango Café milonga which often hosts seminars and shows, and the weekly practice hours


Show Team


show team presentation.jpg

Boost your confidence and join our showteam! Learn stage awareness and floor crafting, working as a team and most importantly have a lot fun. By joining the team ballroom dances help showcase and represent the association by performing at galas, parties and event such as presentation nights at X.


Competition Team


Join our competition team! You will be provided with all the information you need to join competition. Experienced dancers who have been dancing competitions for a longer time will help you get started and make sure you have a great competition experience.


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