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Join our community of over a 100 enthusiastic dancers! Our association is for everybody: people that start with dancing or have been dancing for a long time. People that train daily and people that dance once a week. Mingle in our diverse group of both dutch and internationals members and find new friendships! Everything is possible and nothing mandatory. The association gives everyone the opportunity to develop themselves as a dancer (social or competitive), but also personally by joining a committee or a board.

Benefits for members

  • Awesome parties, practice hours, technique lesson and social events to get to know more people, make friends and dance to your heart's content.

  • For students of any university, BSS Membership includes a free X-Card (equivalent to 130€) allowing participation in most X-TU Delft Facilities. See their website for more information. PhDs and TU Delft employees can also obtain the X-Card for a small additional fee.

  • Memberscard BSS that gives discount at the following stores: Jetuelle, Dansboektiek Danceway and Dansschool Wesseling.

  • Knaek that give discount on different product and different stores in Delft.

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External Workshops

If you have an event coming up and you are looking for something a bit different to entertain your guests, why not teach them some beautiful dance moves?


Our association offers beginner dance workshops in which you will get a 45 minute ballroom dance lesson and you can choose from a number of ballroom dance styles such as Slow waltz, Quick step, Cha Cha and Jive. Each of these dances have a particular technique and set of steps and the overall dance characteristics are as follows :

Cha Cha

One of the most famous Latin dances originated in Cuba. it is an energetic dance with many hip and body action to give it a Latin look. cha cha can be danced on modern pop music as well as latin music.


A joyful dance with fast paced steps accompanied with big band ,upbeat music.

Slow Waltz

(also referred to as English waltz) is an elegant, graceful dance with slow steps. it is best described as smooth rise and fall and sway movements through a light music.


Known as an rhythmic, lively dance style consisting of kicks, flicks and plenty of knee lifting on swing music.

Participants get an introduction about characteristics of ballroom dancing such as proper dance posture, musicality (timing), dance hold and a set of basic dance steps for beginners.


For more information and getting a price quote please send us an e-mail to: