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Practice Hours

Every week during the academic year the association gives members the opportunity to practice their dance skills during practice hour. This is the ideal place to practice new steps, work on technique, and learn from other dancers. Free for members. Non-members pay €2,50, the first time is free.

Due to the situation surrounding the corona virus, you are not allowed to practice with a dance partner.

In order to make sure that 1.5m distance will be kept at all times, the maximum numbers of participants in Rhythm is set on 8. 

To ensure that the numbers of participants will not exceed this limit, you have to sign up through the following forms each time you want to join the practice. 


Argentine Tango Practice, on Mondays 18.30 - 20.30 in Rhythm, at X TU Delft.

Sign up: 

Ballroom Practice, on Thursdays 20.00 - 22.00 in Rhythm, at X TU Delft. 

Sign up: 


The forms will be closed on the evening of the practice, and we will try to open it again at 09.00 the next morning.  


Don't forget to pick up your Members card and Knaek during the Blue Suede Shoes events in the upcoming weeks!

What is the Knaek?! With the student discount app Knaek you receive the highest student discounts in Delft, all other student cities in the Netherlands and on online orders. 


Technique classes- Ballroom


We offer Technique classes for our members who know the basic steps of ballroom dancing, and want to improve their dance skills. Our own Remy Kabel will teach you the finer aspects of a specific step or technique every week. For these classes you don't need a partner, so everyone can join!

The technique classes are only available for Blue Suede Shoes members.


The classes will take place on Mondays from 20:45 until 22:15 in the Theatre Hall at X TU Delft.

Ballroom Standard will start at 7 September, and will be held every other week until 14 December.

Ballroom Latin will start at 14 September, and will be held every other week until 4 January.

Tango technique

Great tango dancing requires great technique and that is exactly what you will learn in Blue Suede Shoes technique classes. 
Silvia Mezzasoma will teach a class on a essential basic techniques every lesson from walking, the embrace to musicality. You do not have to sign up with a partner. A basic level and knowledge - at least 1 semester - of tango is required. However, the classes are also extremely well suited for all levels, especially those advanced dancers willing to go the extra mile. 

The technique classes are only available for Blue Suede Shoes members.

The classes will take place on Tuesdays from 18:00 until 19:30 in Dance Studio A at X TU Delft. This timeslot includes 15 minutes at the start and end of the class for changing clothes and warm up/cool down.

The Tango technique class will start at 15 September, and will be held every other week until 12 January.

Upcoming Events

Hulp Sinterklaas Event

Date: Friday the 4th of December
Time: 17.00 but join whenever you want
Location: Discord kitchen
This Friday we are organizing a Hulp Sinterklaas baking and hang out event! Come join us on discord from 17.00 in the discord kitchen to bake some delicious Sinterklaas treats to share with you family on the 5th, or to keep all for yourself. Join whenever you like during the evening to join in the baking activities, or just to hang out. After 20.00 there will also be games or a “help I still need to finish my sinterklaas poem” brainstorm group!
You can find the recipes for the kruidnootjes and gevulde speculaas in the announcements on Discord!

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Tango Lecture series: Musicality

Dates: 21st and 28th of November and 12th December 2020
Time: 20:00
Duration: +/- 1 hour
What: Tango lecture musicality
Where: Online, BSS discord library room
Taught by: Jory Boelhouwers

Do you prefer certain tango songs over others, but do you not know why? Do you have a preference for certain orchestras and would you like to know more about them? Or are you just curious to know more about Argentine Tango music? Then come check out the tango musicality lecture series. During November and December Jory Boelhouwers, tango DJ, dancer and teacher at X, will give a free lecture series that will give our members more insight into the world of tango music, its traditions and orchestras.
The lectures are free and no experience with tango dancing is required. All members are welcome!

Lecture 1: The Argentine Tango

The first lecture will introduce Argentine Tango: What is it now? The history of Argentine Tango from the 19th century until now, including the Golden Age, will be discussed. Also the musicality rules in a milonga will be explained and why they exist.

Lecture 2: The Golden Age

The Golden Age of Tango produced many famous orchestras. In this lecture we will listen to many music samples from tango music over the century. The differences between the famous orchestras is explained, as well as the differences of the orchestras through the time.

Lecture 3: Using the information to dance

During the lecture we will review different videos with different styles of music and dance. This will illustrate how to change your dance according to the music. We will explore what to pay attention to in your dance when you listen to the music. Furthermore, how to build tanda’s and recognise them will be explained.

If you're a member, but not yet part of the Discord server, please contact someone of the board. You can do this by mailing us at "", or messaging us through social media.

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Solo Latin Bootcamp

Latin solo-bootcamp

Sign up for the reserve list! If enough people sign up, we may try to organise additional space/recording/online-participation/etc.

Are you missing dancing as much as us? Are you also getting extremely excited by the idea of dancing the whole afternoon? Are you jumping up and down thinking of working on jive for a full hour?

On the 13th of December, the bootcamp committee is organizing a Latin solo Bootcamp. We will have a full day of working on basic Latin technique in the three basic dances: Rumba, Chacha and Jive. The afternoon will be closed by a full hour of guided practice, where you will get a lot of individual help and you will be able to ask all your burning questions. The bootcamp is intended for people who at least already know the basic steps of all three dances.

The teacher:
The bootcamp will be given by Lukasz Piekarski. So far, his experience in dancing consists of 13 years of non-stop training, camps and tournaments/competitions all over the world. Currently, he is holding a position of a double v-ce Champion of the Netherlands 2018 and double title of a Silesian District Champion (Poland). He has trained with and alongside renowned teachers like Ruud Vermeij, Julie Fryer, Jan Zwijsen, Marcel Keijzer, Kinga Jurecka-Fiksa and Marek Fiksa, Kamila Kajak and Andrey Mosejcuk.In 2018 he was representative of The Netherlands at World Championships in Ostrava, in 2019 in Moscow and was Ranging Latin Champion for 2018. He teaches sport couples and social dance couples and is specialized in technical aspects and how to use them correctly to achieve possibly the best joy of dance. His goal is to give information that allows to dance better technically, and at the same time perform better.

10:15-10:30 walk in
10:30-11:30 lesson rumba
11:45-12:45 lesson chacha
12:45-13:30 lunch break
13:30-14:30 lesson jive
14:30-15:30 free practicing with Lukasz helping out

Lijm en Cultuur, Rotterdamseweg 272

Members: 20 euros
Non-members: 25 euros
The payment link is in the sign-up form

You can register via the following link:

Make sure to sign up quickly, there are very limited spots available. Your registration will be confirmed when you have paid the full contribution by pay request in the google form.

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