D.S.D.A. Blue Suede Shoes was officially founded on the 23rd of September 2016 by Marit van de Kamp, Marieke Janssen, Matei Tene and Lanleigh Wheeler.

They felt in Delft there was a serious need for more opportunities to practice dancing and to have events to socialize with other dancers. Moreover, the active dancers in Delft wanted to join the student ballroom competitions. After participating in the team of other universities for several years, it was finally time to start an own team, team Delft.

By starting the association, the founding members wanted connect the dancers and build a strong and close community in Delft. Although several small communities were already present, the dream was to combine this all and create one organization for all.


To make this dream come true, promotion materials, a membership form and a logo were made hurriedly once the sponsorship from the TU Delft was arranged in August 2016.

During the Delft introduction week (the Owee) of 2016, Blue Suede Shoes made its first public appearance. With a lot of help from lovely friends, music to dance on, a foldable table and tons of enthusiasm, the association made its way into the student dancing world.

From the start Blue Suede Shoes developed fast, thanks to the enormous effort and enthusiasm of all the former boards, committees and members. At this moment, we are a thriving association with over 100 members. Among others, we offer weekly practice hours, workshops, monthly Ballroom parties, Argentine Tango Milongas and fun social events to strengthen this close community. Literally a (dancing) dream came true!

The Owee of 2016

Previous Boards

The First Board of D.S.D.A. Blue Suede Shoes

Chair:                                       Marit van de Kamp

Secretary:                               Mate Tene

Treasurer:                                Langleigh Wheeler

Activities Commissioner:     Marieke Janssen

The Second Board of D.S.D.A. Blue Suede Shoes

Chair:                                      Nena de Jong

Secretary:                              Bart Slangewal

Treasurer:                               Alina Colling

Internal Commissioner:       Paula Scheenloop

External Commissioner:      Laura van der Hucht

The Third Board of D.S.D.A. Blue Suede Shoes

Chair:                                      Marieke Janssen 

Secretary:                              Shadi Parsa

Treasurer:                               Raoul Mink

Commissioner Ballroom:    Daphne Nesenberend  ​

Commissioner Tango:          Vincent van ‘t Laar

Commissioner Social:          Julia Pols

The Fourth Board of D.S.D.A. Blue Suede Shoes

Chair:                                      Dennis Djohan

Secretary:                              Hugo Tirion

Treasurer:                               Marleen Hillen

Commissioner Ballroom:     Katja Jarc​

Commissioner Tango:          Lisa Hoogeveen